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I John 1:7 "If we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanses us from all sin."

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Devil Dropped In

The devil dropped by for a visit the other day. I have to admit that I hadn't prayed the day before so I wasn't really prepared for guests. He didn't seem to mind and went right about making himself at home. We talked for what seemed like hours. He'd just returned from a visit to some friends of mine. He told me all about how large their house was and what a nice car they had. At first I felt ashamed of what I had, but satan said if I worked really hard, took extra shifts on Sundays and cut back just a little on my contribution, I could have those things in just a few short years.
We laughed as we remembered the "good old days" and what fun I'd had "sowing my wild oats". I told him that sometimes I was ashamed of the things I'd done. He simply laughed and reminded me that no one had been hurt, and besides, everyone does those kinds of things when they are young. That's what being young is for. He needed a few things and so together we went shopping. I spent way more than I could afford but he told me that using my credit card helps build up a positive credit history, so I worked on my credit history. (grin)
We shopped later than we had intended and I just knew my husband would be upset. So we decided to leave our purchases in the car and bring them in after he went to bed, thus preserving the peace in our household. So we hurried in and began dinner. Satan and I had already grabbed a quick bite so I opened a can of soup for the family, tossed it onto the table and excused myself to the other room.
We watched tv while they ate. After I got the children ready for bed, my husband tried to engage me in a conversation about his day. His days are always the same and so I put him off to go clean up the kitchen. The devil came in to help me. He was surprised at how big a mess my family made out of soup. He said he felt sorry for me because I work so hard to get a hot meal on the table and they don't even put their dirty dishes in the sink. I hadn't thought of that before, but he was right! I deserved better treatment than this! So, I decided I was going to leave the dishes on the table until one of them moved them to the sink. We smiled and chuckled at this great lesson I was teaching my family and then we returned to watch tv. We stayed up really late and watched a violent and trashy movie. There was lots of sexual content, innuendos, bad language and nudity. But, as adults, we decided we were mature enough to not be influenced by such things.
The alarm clock went off and my husband and I were up out of bed. It was Sunday morning and we needed to get ready for worship. We were surprised to find satan sitting in the living room, watching tv already. He told me that I didn't look like I felt well. He said my eyes looked tired and like I had a headache or something and that my voice sounded raspy, like I had a sore throat. I was thankful he brought it to my attention, because I hadn't noticed before. If I was coming down with something, I certainly didn't want to share it with some of the old people at church. My husband planned to go and take the kids. Satan talked to him awhile about the church people. He remembered when they'd mistreated him and how they had gossiped and talked about him. He said if they did that to others, they probably did that to us, too. He also reminded us that we sing the same old songs and hear the same old lessons every time and that church just isn't what it used to be. He stated that since God wants us to worship in spirit and in truth, wouldn't it make sense that God would rather have us stay home and worship him here instead of at the building, doing the same old meaningless rituals with a bunch of phony gossips? That did make sense and so we decided to have a devotional with our children, once they got up.
Later on, the phone rang, satan offered to answer it, looking at caller id, he noticed it was a church member. He picked up the call and smiling impishly, told them we were all ill. He didn't tell them we were already feeling better, but that was okay!
Satan stayed for a few more days. We made lots of changes during that time, tried lots of new things and stopped doing some other things. He smiled and hugged me as he left, telling me he'd had an absolutely wonderful time. After he was gone, I was surprised to find my house was mess and my life was in shambles. It would take months to clean up. As depression replaced the thrill of the visit, I realized that this had not been good. I wanted to cry, not because I would miss him but because I had allowed him, more like welcomed him in. It occurred to me that while satan was here visiting, God hadn't stopped by. I realized how much I missed God and how much better things are when He is around. It seems that the devil always leaves chaos when he drops by. I decided that I would not allow this again. I decided that I would be too busy with ministry to spend time with satan, that I would have my house so full with God that I would not have room for this unexpected guest and should he stop by, well . . . . . next time, I will not be such an accomodating hostess. Next time, satan will not enjoy his visit with me and perhaps he will leave quickly. I resolved that next time I would be ready when the devil drops in again. . .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! That was a great post, Neva. I know the wreck he makes of my life when he comes to visit.


8:05 AM  
Anonymous john dobbs said...

Excellent, Neva... kind of a Screwtape counterpart to My Heart, Christ's Home. Much to think about here.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Carol said...

Great post--I am thinking about all the subtle and not so subtle changes that happen when he drops in at my house. Very thought provoking.


9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your post really got to me today. I was wondering if you think sometimes satan uses good people to "drop in" and cause the same kind of chaos? I have a friend and whenever we hang out, I always act ungodly and then have lots of regrets. We gossip and tell dirty jokes and we tell little white lies, we skip church and go out, I don't do anything I am supposed to do when we are together. Everytime, I feel horrible afterwards and promise to never behave that way again. What is wrong with me? Is her influence too strong or am I just too weak? I don't think she is really a bad person, I jsut think we are bad for each other. Do you know what I mean? She is talking about visiting for New Years and I am already afraid!

10:08 AM  
Blogger TREY MORGAN said...

Neva - I always love your posts. This one really was excellent. You have such a masterful way of putting together a story. Thanks for doing it.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous lisa said...

Ooh! Ouch! Even if the circumstances aren't the same as in your post, we all know the difference the devil makes in our lives when we let him tell us what to do. That was a very effective reminder about how important it is to keep him out!!!

10:34 AM  
Blogger DJG said...

Great and timely lesson...that I am afraid I need all too much!

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautifully written reminder, Thanks Neva


10:48 AM  
Blogger Neva said...

I have gotten several emails and I just want to say--"Behave--Yall are ornery!" :)
This post was already in my queue and had absolutely nothing to do with recent visits from my parents or my friends!!!
My parents and my friends were nothing short of encouraging and inspiring!


11:02 AM  
Anonymous james said...

I am so glad you wrote the disclaimer. I liked the way you introduced several topics that are items to wrestle with. How we spend our money, time and energies for God or self are clear indicators of our health. It was an ever subtle statement about not having prayed and not being prepared. I identified with your plans to swear off the devil next time. How many drunks, shop-a-holics or pick your poison do that? May we all be as Paul says in Ephesians 3 be filled to fullness.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, the post is great but the disclaimer is even funnier. I never would have thought but now I see how funny and "untimely" this post was. LOL


11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. What a great post!
How can we hope to come out unscathed and unstained by sin when we so readily entertain satan?


11:31 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

This is too close to home, dear Neva, too close! :)

You also were very subtle in showing how contagious it is when we open the door to satan's visit - everyone in our path is at risk as well.

Great post, and loved you disclaimer. Too funny!!

Love ya' sister-in-Him!


12:37 PM  
Blogger Stacie said...

Thanks for the disclaimer, being one of the people that just left your house that thought did cross my mind for just a second. The post was great, the timeing was kinda funny.
Love Ya,

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for the timing but thankful for the post! Good one Neva


12:58 PM  
Anonymous donna said...

Wow !! he traveled from Nebraska to NY in lightening speed :) :)
Great Post.


2:51 PM  
Anonymous Georgian Peach said...

Very good post. We often forget that he is "dropping in" frequently and when we make him feel at home, he stays.


4:37 PM  
Blogger Monalea said...

iThanks for the eye opener blog. I will share this with my family and we won't welcome the devil either. A great BIG thank you!


5:19 PM  
Anonymous Shari said...

What a clever post! Something to think about.


11:09 PM  
Blogger AncientWanderer said...

At first I thought- who is this guy?

Then I thought- what DID Neva do in her "glory days".


It isn't often that I get wrapped up like that...

Thank you

7:29 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

Thank you, Neva, for this excellent post!


12:03 PM  
Blogger Helen said...

Ouch, that hurt. Excuse me - I need to put some guest in front of my door :-(

1:28 PM  

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