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Friday, December 21, 2007

What Would Jesus Think of Christmas?

I love this time of year! I love the snow, the music, the food, and the idea that so many people are thinking or talking or singing about Jesus Christ. Having been raised in the Church, I have heard countless sermons and arguments about whether or not this is the true birthday of the Messiah, discussions about whether we should even celebrate His birth since it is in His death and resurrection that we have life. I have witnessed heated debates about the paganism that surrounds the Christmas tree, about the commercialism that tends to make this holiday more and more materialistic and earthly, and about the hypocrisy that those who have lived purely decadent and self-serving lives all year are now thinking about and professing a belief in Jesus.
I have to tell you how tired I am of all of this! Aren't you sick of it? Just a little bit?
I have been wondering what Jesus would think of Christmas? If He came to walk among us, if He took an opportunity to visit us in person from December 15th to January 2nd, what thoughts would He have? Do you think He would turn over the gift wrapping booths and upset the decorated trees? Would He walk through town destroying the nativity scenes? Would He preach on the street corners, loudly proclaiming this was not His birthday, chastising those who were singing about Him? Would He command there be no "Christmas sermons"? Would He shake His head at our lights and decorations? Would He encourage us all to boycott school Christmas programs where children sing of His birth? Would He expound for hours on the evils of Christmas carols and the faulty thinking behind the holiday? Would He go on Fox News and tell the whole world how this is not a day to celebrate, but only a pagan holiday and should be like any other day. Would He tell us not to give each other gifts, not to take a day off work to spend with our families, and not to even make the effort for such a day? Or would He just sadly shake His head and walk about, then return to Heaven, deciding He'd just had enough of us?
I don't know what Jesus would think of Christmas, but I think He would be glad that so many are thinking about Him. I think He would see the Christmas spirit as an opportunity to teach the gospel message. Perhaps He would be happy that we do not work, but rather spend the day with our families, giving heartfelt gifts. Maybe it would also bring Him great pleasure to see families getting along, to see them laughing and eating and fellowshipping together. Perhaps He would smile as He watched His people revel in the peace that is but one day, precious! Maybe He would tell us about all the gifts His Father gives and how He loves us, not just one day but everyday! Perhaps He would remind us that although we may think of Him but once or twice a year, He has been thinking about us for all eternity! Perhaps, just perhaps, He would tell us that the joy and the beauty of this season will pale in comparison to the joy we will have when He comes again and the beauty of our heavenly home! Maybe He would tell us that what He wants for Christmas is the same thing He wants everyday----our hearts and our souls. And then maybe, just maybe we would grow to truly understand the gift that is "Immanuel".



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Neva,
I love you! What a heart you have, my friend! I am totally with you! I don't believe Jesus would have as much of a problem with the spirit of Christmas as we do!
Great post!


11:20 AM  
Anonymous Jarrod said...

The holiday could be such an opportunity for us! I am certain that Jesus would disagree with certain aspects of it, but I agree with you that He would use them as a time to teach not berate and beat up! This is a powerful post! Thank you for this.


11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps "Christmas" would be a non issue with him. It is neither biblical or unbiblical, it is non-biblical. It is not and should not be an issue.

Interested Bystander

1:35 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I share many of your thoughts myself, friend.

I hope you have a very good Christmas celebrating the gift of Immanuel. (I think I enjoy celebrating that gift more in any month other than December!)

2:48 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Sorry for the the off topic comment. But, as we turn our hearts toward family and friends during the Christmas holiday, I wanted to let you to know that I am thankful for blessing of many new friends I’ve come to “know” here in blogland. The tie that binds us is our shared love for and devotion to the Savior whose birth we remember during this special time of the year. May your days be full of holiday blessings; and, may your heart be filled with the warmth of His presence.

Spiritual Oasis Blog

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Georgian Peach said...

The greatest gift of all--Immanuel, appropriate for every season.

I love this post!


7:13 PM  
Blogger preacherman said...

Great post as always.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
Love you sister.
In Him,
Kinney Mabry

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have heard all those arguments and debates too. I didn't realize how silly they sounded until I read this post. Thank you for sharing your perspective.


6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen! The very spirit of the season is enough to please God.


9:56 AM  
Blogger Candle (C & L) said...

Neva - A good question -- I think we should proclaim that "Jesus is the reason for the season" and live such lives of daily service that people who see Jesus in us each day will be challenged tomake Christmas more about him and more about being his servant -- even in the midst the craziness (and beauty) of all the glitz & glitter and rampant commercialism

God Bless

p.s. Thanks for coming by and visiting when I do one of my (recently infrequent) posts.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Christmas too! And to think that heaven will be even more beautiful and joyful is truly the greatest gift of all.
Blessings to you and yours


3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Jesus is always happy when people think about him. I think he likes it when we focus on giving to others and on promoting peace.


10:38 PM  
Anonymous MG said...

Pretty brave post for a CoCer!


11:13 PM  
Blogger massivetruth said...

Actually, I have enjoyed the debates. It is what drove me to the do the research behind it all.

I think Jesus would probably turn over the Christmas trees in the hearts of those who have used his birth as a facade for commercialism.

However, there is something very joyful about giving someone something with no expectations in return. I can't get over giving my children presents knowing that will find much joy in it. How much more does the Father love to lavish gifts on us!

So it boils down to our heart of hearts. I love this post. Jesus would probably set the birthday records straight!

1:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about those who argue that by celebrating the birth of Christ on December 25th, we are "adding to" God's Word? In our bulletin and in our sermon this morning, that very argument was used as a reason to not celebrate Christmas?
You will understand if I choose to remain anonymous? :)

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a lame argument anonymous! It isn't that celebrating Christmas as a "holy" day is being forced upon everyone. Some simply choose to celebrate it while others do not. Maybe we should not try so hard to force people to agree with us by guilting them into believing our way. Taking scripture out of context is never a good thing.

Interested Bystander

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Dean said...

You can't get over the fact that so many members of the church of Christ are so very anti-Christmas except for the commercialism, the tree, the santa and the gifts, oh yeah, and the day off! Doesn't it seem odd that the part of Christmas that most of the world complains about ie. the worldliness, is the only part of Christmas that "WE" feel comfortable embracing? Somehow that seems incredibly messed up!


9:58 PM  
Anonymous Georgian Peach said...

My prayer this holiday season is that we all begin to truly understand the gift that is Immanuel.

Powerful words, my friend, powerful words.


11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a very good post! I have often wondered why it is really such a big deal? I mean, it really is the only time of the year when everybody tries to promote peace, giving and thinking about God. Shouldn't taht be a good thing?
I think so.
Have a blessed and happy Christmas continuing throughout the New Year.

In Him

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Georgian Peach said...

I know this is my third time to comment on this post, but I can't seem to get it off my mind. I shared it with our minister and he wondered if he could put it in the bulletin? We would credit you as the source, of course.


10:16 AM  
Blogger Stacie said...

I don't know what to think about the Christmas debate, but this year I have been watching the people around me much more than usual and I have been suprised by the kindness of some people. The joy of someone doing something nice for someone and not expecting anything in return. I don't think Jesus would have a problem with Christmas, we are suposed to love one another and I have seen lots of people showing that they love their friends, family, and total strangers.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Neva! May God pour out His richest blessings on you today and everyday.

PS. love the post, it is about time we got some perspective on Christmas! IMO

4:06 PM  
Blogger ben overby said...


Have a merry Christmas, and may you be filled with grace throughout 2008!

peace on earth,


10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christmas blessings, dear friend!


10:42 AM  
Anonymous Jarrod said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

May God bless you today and always. Merry Christmas, Neva


9:31 PM  
Anonymous Randi said...

Merry Christmas!

1:06 AM  
Blogger Nicki said...

What precious thought to read. I often think we do make the heart of God sad during this time of year. As we drove from my mil house on Christmas Eve, I began to think of what Christmas is like in heaven........really puts things in perspective! I will be anxious to see what it will be like when I arrive there one day!

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright.


11:33 PM  
Anonymous Carol said...

I think you are right on target with these thoughts, glad to see your readers appreciated them.


10:09 PM  
Anonymous dee said...

This is the first post of yours that I've ever read, while I do notice that your blog is linked on several of my friends' blogs. I appreciate this post. I grew up in a home where we talked about Jesus. Looking back, while this very well might be a wrong impression, I see us as being allowed to talk about Jesus on any day but Christmas and Easter. Especially Christmas, because we don't know when Jesus was born and we certainly ought to celebrate his death, burial, and resurrection instead. That all makes no sense to me now! What terrible witness we were to neighbors, friends, and family members who were not Christians. We wanted to talk about Jesus all the time, but refused to do so when the rest of the world embraces it. I just don't get why we, as Christians, wouldn't rejoice in Christ's birth. Angels did. And we are talking about God becoming man. He did this because He loved us. And because he was going to die for us. Jesus's birth was part of the plan. And I am SO THANKFUL that He was born, lived, died, and rose for me. When I think about God being a tiny baby...and all the things that go along with that...when I really think about it, I am speechless and am so thankful for a day such as Christmas.

1:37 AM  

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