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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Age Expectancy

I once heard someone say "I have come to realize we are not bodies with souls but rather souls with bodies." I have thought about that statement for quite some time. Isn't it so true? And isn't it the mindset we are supposed to have? We often forget that we are spiritual beings. We are eternal beings. As eternal beings, we are immune to the "laws of nature". Our souls do not age. They do not die. They are forever!!
I recently took an age expectancy test. I answered questions based on diet, health. height, weight, family history, medication and surgery history and activity level. The computer then measured all the data and caluculated how long I am expected to live. (Barring an accident or some other catastrophe) The advertisement for the test said hundreds of thousands of Americans are taking this test. Many, many people all curious what their future holds. The second part of this test is a set of recommendations. They tell you what exercises and how many you should do. They tell you which supplements you should take. They tell you what social changes you should make to increase your longevity. All of the changes are focused on how to make our bodies last longer. It seems we all want to live to a ripe old age.
While our bodies are made by God and I believe He wants us to take care of them so we can be productive in His kingdom, I know that He is in control. He numbers our days (Psalm 39:5) I know that our life is but a breath. (James 4:14). I also know that He knows there is much more to us than these bodies. His relationship with us is spiritual. The part of us that He longs for, the part He worked out all eternity for, the part He has prepared a place for, is our souls.
We spend so much time working on our physical bodies we often forget that our spiritual bodies need care also. They need food, nurturing, protection and care. We cannot live like we are bodies with souls, as if the soul is an afterthought. We are SOULS!!!!!! Proverbs 11:19 says "The truly righteous attains life. . ." and in chapter 12 we are told, "In the way of righteousness there is life..." We must start living like we have life---spiritual life. We must focus on being souls!!



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