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I John 1:7 "If we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanses us from all sin."

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I am a christian wife, mother and grandmother. I am a licensed Social worker and a licensed Christian counselor. I am most proud of the relationships I have with God, my family and friends all over the world. I have been blessed beyond my dreams.

Friday, December 01, 2006


During the holiday season, we are inundated with commercials attempting to manipulate our list of needs and wants. We hear about "record sales" and "higher than average spending". And I have to wonder, are we really that gullible? Do we really believe our infants can only get smarter if they have baby computers? Do we really believe the way a man shows a woman he loves her is with expensive jewelry? Do we really believe our kids creativity is best exercised by interactive video games? Do we really believe the way to a man's heart is through the tool aisle at Sears or in a new car lot? Come on!!!!! Surely we are smarter than that.
Every year we hear of folks being injured fighting over the latest and greatest toy. Newscasts are peppered with stories of those "camping out" in the cold, overnight, outside malls and department stores just to be first in line. First in line for toys that cost more than a month's rent. Each year the media "tells" us what our children, our wives or husbands "need" for Christmas. After the holidays the stories change and revolve around paying for purchases--purchases we didn't need, purchases we couldn't afford and purchases we were coerced into making by smart marketers.
I believe we are or at least should be smart enough to see through these advertising lies. Yet, businesses aren't stupid and they pay big bucks to marketers to decide the best way to get our money. This year, they are smartly convincing us to buy with the promise that a "portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity". And we believe. Being a marketing/advertising whiz is a very lucrative business, which tells me that while we may have brains and common sense, they are silenced by our greed and desire for things. And so we seek out the gimmicks. We go from mall to mall to mall, from store to store to store, peruse catalog after catalog after catalog. We fight frigid weather, bad roads, huge crowds, traffic jams, and lots and lots of frustration because we are that gullible.
God has something to say about this---Matthew 6:33--"But, seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you". We don't need to wait in line. We don't need to get a raincheck. We don't need to make payments. We don't need to compete for limited quantities. We don't need to fight the crowds, or freeze our feet and toes or look for the ever elusive parking spot. We just have to seek---and if we do, He promises we will find---it is guaranteed!!! A wise person knows a sure thing when they see it. This is THE sure thing.
The money we have, the cars we drive, the houses where we live, the jobs we have, the clothes we wear and even the time we have ---all gifts from God. These gifts are given out of a Father's love for His children. In return, He expects us to be wise stewards--to use our gifts for a grander purpose than filling the coffers of department store CEOs. While the happiness on the faces when presents are opened is wonderful, it is short lived. That temporary joy can in no way compare with the joy of eternal life with God.
I am not a humbug---I love Christmas. I love giving and receiving gifts. I love that millions are at least thinking about Jesus. I love the weather, the beauty of the snow and all the beautiful lights. I don't like looking back in shame that once again my gullibility was used against me and I was taken advantage of again. So, this year ---I will be smarter, I will use common sense and I will seek that which is important and in return------everlasting blessings are mine!! Thank you, Lord!!!!



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