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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Robbers of Joy

Yesterday I spent the day with two of my grandsons, while their parents and big brother went to Lubbock. My grandsons ages 1 and 3 were delightful. They were happy and played well with each other. I had a list of things I wanted to get done----once again because I am "me". I wanted to wash some windows, and sweep and mop the floor, clean bathrooms and other things in preparation for more family arriving tomorrow. I began several tasks only to be stopped by a grandson needing to be held or just cuddled or wanting to show me a toy or requesting a story. My first response was to wonder how I was going to get the work done.
I opted to forget about the work or at least postpone it and give my grandsons all my attention. It was a wonderful day and words cannot begin to express the joy I felt with these two beautiful and brilliant children. I know that had I decided to work instead, I would have robbed myself of this joy. That would have been a tragedy.
I am not sure if our joy suffers from the Martha-Martha Syndrome or as in the parable of the soils, the worries of the world choke it out. I do know that people are more important than tasks. I also know that the majority of our joy comes from experiences with people. There will always be things to do, jobs to finish, tasks to accomplish. The deaths of my husband, my sisters, my grandparents and friends teach me that people, though spiritual and eternal beings, are temporarily here on earth. Tho, the impact made on our hearts and lives is eternal. Relationships are gifts from God and it seems that we are not properly appreciative of our gift when vacuuming the floor takes precendence over rocking a baby, when mowing the lawn is more important that visiting a friend in the hospital, and when focusing on work pushes family and friends out of focus. We rob ourselves of joy when we allow tasks to become more important that people.
My life is much sweeter because I rocked that beautiful baby to sleep instead of sweeping the floor. My heart is much fuller because I held that three year old and read him Dora the Explorer instead of washing windows. The floor is not so clean, the windows and mirrors have fingerprints everywhere and the bathrooms need to be cleaned but my spirit has never been more joyful!!!
What a blessing!!!



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