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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Imminent Danger

Like many Americans, I have been watching with interest the attempts to rescue the lost climbers on Mt. Hood. They have been missing for quite a few days now. Yesterday, they brought back the body of one of them and now continue to search for the other two. I have been so amazed at the vast resources put in place to assist in the rescue. I am touched by the brave men and women who are willingly risking their own lives to save these men. There are four rescue organizations on site, including US military. There are four command posts. There are several helicopters, blackhawks and chinooks. There are air crews and ground crews. There are groups of searchers that start at the bottome of the mountain and some that start at the summit. They have climbers on foot and some on snowmobiles and some arriving from the air. This is big news and there are hundreds of news crews waiting and watching both the rescuers and the weather.
There are many family members at the site, hoping beyond hope for some news of their loved ones. And most of the country is praying for a positive outcome. These men are in imminent danger. Should they still be alive, they cannot survive much longer. The weather is worsening and the odds of finding them alive are shrinking. As the sense of danger and despair mount so does the sense of hopelessness. The sheriff in charge says "we will exhaust all efforts and all resources so long is there is hope. "
I believe this mindset is the one Christians should have about those in imminent spiritual danger. We should be cognizant there is a spiritual life and death battle going on. We should be using every resource available to bring the lost home, to bring them to safety. We do not know how long each of them have to live. We should exhaust all efforts to save them. It should be one of the foci of the Church. It should be big news that folks are lost and bigger news when they are found. Imminent danger------always there. Spiritual rescue----ever available. Someone to bring the rescue-----our mission. It is time for us to gear up and go to the mountain, or wherever the lost are. It is time for us to prayerfully WORK at bringing rescue to those who are lost and dying. Without someone to bring salvation, they have no hope and they will die. Danger is imminent and so we will keep searching, so long as there is hope.


(Remember it says, GO, it says PREACH, it says BELIEVE or be condemned---that means they will be sentenced to die over and over and over for all eternity)
Mark 16:16


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have thought about this too. We just dont realize how fragile our spiritual being is


10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed it very much. It will become a part of my daily inspiration.


10:37 AM  
Anonymous Pollardqxtx said...

I stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed it very much. It will become a part of my daily inspiration. Dan

9:53 PM  

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