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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Defining Moments

I apologize for the late post today. Early this morning we recieved a phone call notifying us of the unexpected death of a good friend, a good christian and an elder in North Platte. All day my heart has been heavy as I remembered this man. I could almost feel the aching of his widow's heart and I could almost hear the weeping of his children. I could hear the "oh no's" whispered--almost gasped in disbelief as each member of the church heard the news. I am so sad . . .
Because his death was unexpected, everyone seems to want to know "what happened". I guess it is a part of our natural curiousity. But, for some odd reason, I have a burning desire to make sure everyone knows the kind of man he was, the way he led the congregation and the impact he made on the community, instead. I want to be able to put into words how much he will be missed.
I heard someone say that we are not defined by how we die but rather how we lived. My good friend Mark Bailey, tells the story of his father taking him to the cemetary to leave flowers one day. Mark says his dad read a headstone to him and asked him of all that was carved into the stone, what was the most important. His dad told him it was the dash between the date of birth and the date of death. That dash and what happened during that time is what defines us. We are so much more than just dates, so much more than just titles, so much more than platitudes, more than our military service. We are defined by how we lived.
Psalms 116:15 says that the death of the saints is precious in the sight of the Lord. Precious to the Lord because one of His own has come home. Our Father defines our lives by the value He placed on them----worth the death of His Son. He defines our lives by our love and obedience to Him. He defines us by what happened during the dash. That dash is filled with defining moments.
Early this morning, the Lord welcomed home another saint. Ted Florea, today you got to go Home. So many of us were touched by your "defining moments" and we will miss you.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all miss him, too.
You captured him so well. I think April is puttin this in the bulletin. Hope you get to come. We miss you.


11:22 PM  

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