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Monday, December 04, 2006

Predicament or Promise?

Yesterday in class, we discussed faith and how much faith it takes to be joyful in the midst of trials. We were studying the first chapter of Philippians where Paul is imprisoned and says his incarceration had turned out to be a good thing because the gospel was being spread. We decided it was very difficult to find joy in struggles.
If you have read my blog or heard me speak, you know that I am deeply concerned with our focus on the earthly rather than the spiritual. I truly believe a heavenly focus is what allowed Paul to be joyful in all circumstances. He was very aware that there is so much more than this life. He remembered the promises God made; that He would never forsake him, that God would not allow him to be tempted more than he could bear, that God would given him strength, courage and comfort. Paul remembered and focused on those promises. Oh, he was indeed in a predicament, and had he focused on the predicament, he could not have remained so positive.
His focus on the promises could not help but bring him joy.
When we think about promises, most of us think about Abraham and Sarah. We remember that God promised them a son from who would come a great nation and global blessings. But if we remember, we also know that there were some struggles along the way. In chapter 15 of Genesis, the promise is made. In chapter 16, we are told that Sarah takes matters into her own hands. She comes up with an idea how to "help the Lord out" and gives her handmaiden to Abraham so that he might have a son. Sarah's intervention would bear more than a child, it would also bear great conflict. We know the rest of the story. We know of the birth of son, a son outside the promise, a son whose descendents would forever war against the descendents of the promised seed.
What was Sarah thinking? I believe she was focused on the predicament and forgot to focus on the promise. She could only see that she was old and she had not borne a child. She could see that her husband was getting older also. She knew there were physical considerations. But she did not look at the promise. Had she stayed focused on the promise rather than the predicament, she would have been able to wait faithfully and patiently. She was unable to see beyond the immediate.
We struggle with the same shortsightedness. We may have struggles in our lives, death, sickness, unemployment, financial struggles, spiritual trials. These crisis in our lives are only temporary and yet they become overwhelming. We are easily overwhelmed when we are unable to see beyond the immediate. When "right now" is my whole world, it is difficult for me to find joy. When "right now" is as far as I can see, I have trouble hoping. When "right now" seems to be all there is, the fight is futile and joy and hope are nowhere in sight. We are in a predicament and there is no reason to go on, no reason to keep fighting, no reason to keep trying. We can only see the predicament.
But, there is the promise!!! Our God is a promise keeping God and the same promises He made the apostle Paul, He makes to us. We are not alone. He WILL never ever leave or forsake us. He WILL give us the strength we need and the help we need to overcome. He WILL love and protect us and give us a home in Heaven for an struggle-less eternity. We only have to stay focused on the promise. The predicament is short lived but the promise is eternal.



Anonymous Tammy Maya said...

Oh Neva, you said just what I needed to hear, as usual. We put up our tree on Saturday and unpacked our decorations. When we opened the container that held the Victorian decorations you gave us both girls said "Neva!" at the same time. Miss you both so much!

10:40 AM  

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