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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Kids Are Coming Home!!!

I am so excited I can hardly sleep. I smile all the time and my mind is filled with little tasks to do, menu plans and all sorts of preparations. Next weekend, both of my boys, their wives and all five of my grandchildren will be here. I am already planning ways to incorporate their favorite foods into meals. I am deciding who sleeps in which bed and what bedding needs to be there. I am washing and ironing, and dusting and vacuuming and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. I am making preparations. The joy of having them all together is difficult to explain. Although Spearman is not their home, it is where I am and they are coming to be with me and each other. They know that there will be food and laughter and presents here. They children will play and the adults will visit, play games and reminisce about other times. They will go to church with us and as we all worship together, we will experience yet more joy. If you are a mother or father who is separated from your children and grandchildren, you can relate.
This joy and anticipation is caused by the love for and longing to be with those we love. I have often thought about God and His anticipation for our "coming home". In John 14, Jesus tells His apostles that He is going to make preparations for them. In the story of the prodigal son, we see the father figure, the character representing God, watching and waiting, anticipating the return of the son. We know that our God has made all sorts of preparations for our arrival in our heavenly home. In fact, He worked out all of history to get us to come to Him and to live with Him in Heaven. Our Father loves us and I am sure He is excited, waiting for the day when His kids come home.
My kids have never seen Spearman. They do not know what our house is like, or what the community is like, but they know I am here. Likewise, we are not sure what Heaven is like. We read about streets of gold and pearly gates but we cannot really fathom what exactly it will look like. We do know our Father is there. And that is enough to make it home!!!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Traci said...

Hey, you got spammed! You may need to password protect your comments.

I can't wait to see you!!! We'll be on the plane this time next week. :)

6:00 AM  

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